Episode 1 Narratives

Pillars of smoke rise from peoples homes, and you can hear the hooting and hollering of kobold and cultists. You hear small explosions, and the occasional scream of a woman or child. Men cry out as they are slain in the streets far from you, and birds of prey have begun to circle overhead, their undersides illuminated only up by the dim moonlight. 

With the crowd of terrified villagers in tow, you step into the light of the keep, the warmth of the burning fires comforting on your skin. Guards break formation to embrace their families, and women weep with joy as they are reunited with their children. Governor Nighthill approaches, arms wide and smiling from ear to ear. 

"My friends! You have done a great deal for this town. I shan't forget your efforts. I truly believe you've made a difference here. Soon, the cooks will bring us food to get through this dark and terrifying night. The walls need watching, but the soldiers need feeding. Take a moment, for I'm certain our fight is not over."

An hour and twenty minutes pass.

When the Sergeant sees them:

"No! You spineless bastards! I'll kill every last one of you!"

The half-dragon grins, showing his gnarly, pointed teeth. "It seems we have a volunteer. Or does anyone wish to take his place?"


If defeated: 

"You are a warrior indeed. I am a man of my word. Take your filthy people back. They are of no use to me. I have what I came for."

Episode 1 Narratives

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